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To say that the stock market is unpredictable is an understatement. One day it's up, the next day it's plunging. Every downturn can wipe out years of hard-earned savings. For this reason, many financial experts recommend putting your money into something more traditional and stable; namely precious metals. The value of gold and silver aren't necessarily tied to stocks and bonds, which makes them more immune to financial chaos than other assets. 

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What's in Your Closet?

Do you have coins that have been in your family for decades but you have no idea what they're actually worth? R & S Rare Coins in Cabool, MO, have a reputation for paying a fair price for rare coins. Our staff will tell you the true value of your coins and pay you cash on the spot if you're ready to sell. We don't do appraisals of coin collections and we aren't a pawn shop.

Also, there is NO sales tax on gold and silver in Missouri.

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Keep Out of Reach of Children

Leaving your valuables behind while you're out of town can be risky. No matter how safe your community may be, there's always a chance someone can break into your home and steal your prized possessions. Give yourself peace of mind with a visit to R & S Rare Coins. We have a full selection of new and used gun safes, wall safes, floor safes, and vaults. Ask about Liberty Safes, an American-made product that has become one of the most trusted names in safes. Please be aware: we don't buy used safes and we don't do trades.  

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Be Prepared! Freeze Dried Foods.

You never know what may come your way. Be prepared for any eventuality with freeze dried foods now available at R & S Coins. We offer a selection from trusted brands Thrive Life and Wise Food Company. Whether you're grabbing some ready-to-go food for a long hike or picnic, or getting ready for your worst case scenario. Stop in and check what we offer.

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