Collectible Gold Coins Near Greene County, MO

Collectible Gold Coins in Cabool, MO

There are several reasons why gold is a smart investment. It's an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, which can help protect you and your family during a financial crisis. The value of gold also tends to increase when other investments are on the decline. Physical precious metals such as gold typically offer a healthy return on investment. It's always the right time to buy gold. R & S Rare Coins & Supplies offers gold in 1-once bars, rounds, and half an ounce. Start your investment in gold with us.

There is no sales tax on gold in the state of Missouri.

Gold Offers Security

Nobody likes to think about the worst that can happen, but the fact is a catastrophic event can occur at any time and leave you completely vulnerable. Think of what you would do in the event of a severe economic or societal collapse or even a major disaster that threw your community into chaos. Even if you could get access to cash or other holdings would it still hold the same value under such circumstances? For centuries, gold has been a reliable form of currency and nothing is likely to change that. When you have gold, you have security.  

Collecting Gold Coins

As hobbies go, few are more fun, educational, or profitable than collecting gold coins. Each coin tells a story. Uncovering its history as well as learning to appreciate the fine workmanship that went into each and every coin can provide years of enjoyment. Plus, it's a pastime that can truly pay. Start your collection today with a visit to R & S Rare Coins & Supplies. 

Investing in Silver

Almost everybody has heard of silver but most of us know very little about this physical commodity that is usually mentioned alongside its more glamorous counterpart, gold. In fact, it is one of the most affordable and popular precious metals on today's market. Mined from the Earth's crust, silver is a metallic chemical element that comes in colors of gray or white. R & S Rare Coins & Supplies sells silver in 5-once and 10-once bars. We can show you why you should incorporate silver into your financial portfolio.

There is no sales tax on silver in the state of Missouri.

Silver Makes Sense

As an asset, silver offers some of the same advantages as gold. It is a hard asset that will always be available to those who own it no matter what happens. Just like gold, purchasing silver is a great way to diversify your portfolio. However, it offers a few unique benefits of its own that make it a smart investment. For one thing, silver typically does better than gold when the market is bearish. It's also cheaper. Few investments make as much sense as purchasing silver.  

The Intrinsic Value of Silver

Silver coins differ from gold in a few respects. Most importantly, some silver coins have numismatic or intrinsic value. This is a crucial concept to understand. For example, .999 fine silver has numismatic value, which means the value of the coin exceeds the base value of the silver it is made from. For people interested in beginning a rare coin collection, silver coins are a great place to start. R & S Rare Coins & Supplies can help you begin a fun and rewarding hobby collecting silver coins. 

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